In winemaking, time patience and consistent weather are precious commodities. Situated in the Great Southern wine region, 360 kilometres south of Perth, Ferngrove Wines is one of the world’s most isolated wine estates. While this isolation makes the logistics tough, it is also what makes Ferngrove wines distinctly different.

Selected in 1998 for its favourable viticultural location 90 kilometres from the coast, the Ferngrove valleys and slopes have the rare combination of rugged, classically West Australian ancient soils and the cooling influence of the converging Southern and Indian Oceans. This unique setting allows grapes to ripen at a slower rate, allowing the winemaking team the time to cultivate and nurture vines to their absolute best.

The remote location has fostered a pioneering spirit in the team at Ferngrove. The experienced team take pride in striving for winemaking excellence.

Celebrating 20 years, the Ferngrove story is one of deep respect for the land and the time and care involved in making outstanding wine which reflects from where it comes.