Truly great wine results from a partnership between the land and the people who nurture it. At Helen’s Hill Estate, the 100% family owned vineyard and winery carefully balances traditional values and modern efficiency to make exceptional cool climate wines.

The site which we now called Helen’s Hill was up until 1996 unkempt pasture land that had pretty much been neglected for many years. After extensive soil testing, consideration of prevailing aspects and micro climates the family purchased the vacant 150 acres and embarked on transforming the land into one of Yarra Valley’s finest vineyards.

The vineyard is located well above the valley floor on the Southern Ranges of the Yarra Valley some 140 metres above sea level. It is a long (2.5 km) and relatively skinny (0.8 km) block that has a number of hills running across the property.

It is these hills that provide the different soil types and micro climates that allow us to match the “terroir” conditions to the different varieties of wine grapes that we grow.

Planting wine grape vines in their right “terroir” location is not only the first step, it is singularly the most important step in growing great fruit and ultimately great wine. Judging by the success of our wines we feel confident that we are on, pardon the pun, solid ground.