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Stoney Rise Wine Company is located in the heart of the Tamar Valley in Northern Tasmania. It is a family run boutique winery owned by Joe and Lou Holyman.

In 2004 the Holymans returned to their native Tasmania with their sights set on growing and producing the best pinot noir and chardonnay they could. They purchased a vineyard in Tamar Valley, north of Launceston and set about doing just that. 

At its highest point the vineyard is only 30 meters above sea level, with the lowest being less than 10 meters, and it is less than 1 kilometre from the Tamar River.

The Stoney Rise winemaking philosophy is to express the vintage; all of grapes are picked, not by analysis but by grape composition. It is all about the colour and structure of the seeds, the texture of the skins and the ripeness of the stalks.

Stoney Rise produce wines under two labels; 'Stoney Rise' and 'Holyman'. The Stoney Rise wine are made in an approachable style, while the Holyman wines generally utilise newer oak and a whole bunch component for Pinot Noir; making these wine that can be cellared for several years. 

Not surprisingly Pinot Noir is the leading variety made at Stoney Rise, however their Chardonnay fast gaining a reputation as some of the leading cool-climate examples made anywhere in Australia. 

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